North Island Passenger Terminal

NAS North Island – Bldg 700, NAS North Island, CA
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Please see the terminal facebook page for the most current flight information.

NAS North Island Air Terminal offers Space Available flight to Active Duty, Reservist, Retirees, DOD employees and Dependents.

We would like to remind all Space Available that check in time is 2 hours prior to departure. Passengers are limited to 40 lbs. checed in bag and 10 lbs. carry on for C-9s, C-40s, and C-130s and 20 lbs. checked in bag and 10 lbs. carry on for C-20s and smaller aircraft.

To place on your name in the Space Available register, you may come into Bldg. 700, email your information to, or Fax your information to (619)545-9532.

Registration requires last name, last four of your Social, rank/rate, unit assigned, and destination and if your active duty, reservist or retiree.

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